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Road Cycling Routes

La Vernaz is well positioned for road cycling. The Tour Du France has passed by our door on many occasions - it's easy to see why. From the Ferme Du Lynx there are several different directions to choose from, and a countless set of varied and unique routes to choose from. While we have added a few routes for you here, this is by no means all you can consider to be a decent cycling route.

The Chablais offers the cyclist so many choices, and what's more the quality of the tarmac here is un-surpassed for the Alps where the weather really does take its toll.

From Flat Lakeside riding to high Alpine mountain passes, there is something to suit every level of rider. Come and stay at La Ferme Du Lynx and discover this region for yourself. We provide not only quality accommodation, but also a fully equipped workshop with plenty of space to work on your bike.

Choose from the selected routes to see how they shape up on the map - complete with elevation data too!